• I'm Andrew Ferguson.

    This is my modern & pretentious website where I collect all my projects.

    Think of it like one big humblebrag.


I'm a freelance photographer, shooting 35mm digital & medium format film. I've been shooting for over a decade now.

Release Management

This is how I make my living. Anything involving devops or deploy automation. Right now I do it for Electronic Arts & Gaslamp Games.

Gaming Community

I'm actively involved in the independent side of the gaming community, volunteering for events across the country.


I run events, I make silly websites, I work on different projects for a week & then abandon them for years. I get bored easily.

I Like Taking Photos

Photography is more or less the center of what I do with my life these days. Outside of setting up specific photo shoots, every event, concert, volunteer role, or stupid website is a chance for me to take more photos. I don't really have a specialization; If I find something interesting I'll take photos of it. Most of the time those things tend to be people: friends, performers, or fantastic strangers on the street. Fair warning: sometimes the people I take photos of take all of their clothes off. I make little to no effort to prevent this from happening.


I don't know how to classify ninety percent of what I do, so here's everything that I can remember that's not specifically related to photography or the games industry. I often throw my hat into the ring with once-in-a-lifetime events that I'm lucky or privileged enough to attend, or just follow the whims of my own fickle creative impulses. Therefore some of these projects I'm exceedingly proud of, while others were forgotten or left unattended only days after they were originally conceived. Did I mention I get bored easily?

Film Never Stopped Loving You

The first of what I hope will be many showings of my work, this was an independent gallery show of exclusively film photography in the heart of East Vancouver which is exactly as pretentious as it sounds.

The show was organized & featured work by local photographers Michael Bain, Aaron Smedley, & myself. We somehow managed to put up a gallery space together & even sell some high quality prints. And bonus! We definitely succeeded in getting everyone to buy alcohol & say nice things about our photos.

NASA Socials: STS-134 & STS-135

In 2011, myself & over a hundred other Twitter users were randomly selected to tour the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida & witness the final launches of the space shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis.

I had the chance to meet & photograph NASA personnel as well as other attendees such as Seth Green. For several of these photos I used Kodak Aerochrome, a special limited edition infrared film that produces stunning & alien images.

Get it? Aliens, NASA? I'm so fucking hilarious.

ipad image

This is what my face looks like, in case you were curious.

Photo by Matt Wiggins

Cellar Door

A simple tumblr I've been maintaining for a few years, archiving various pieces of photography & art that inspire me.

Lately, inspired by a conversation with Max Temkin, I've started to use it to publish posts about my photography & the experiences I've had with it.

Clever Moniker

For six months or so back in 2009, I tried my hand at street art. Prior to their marketing-based ubiquity, I printed off oversized vinyl stickers of simple QR codes & pasted them up around town.

Each code, when scanned, would translate into one of many quotes about futurism by famous authors such as William Gibson & Arthur C. Clarke.

I liked the idea of obfuscating these quotes using technology that was prevalent in Japan but completely unknown in Canada. I also find the purely visual aspect of a QR code attractive.

Lost Levels

While in San Francisco for GDC 2014, I gave a brief 5-minute talk at Lost Levels covering the basics of how to start your own game jam with zero budget & zero experience. It was fast, extremely rough, based entirely on my own experience launching the WTF Game Jam with Michael, & it was no doubt terrible.

There is hopefully no footage of this, as it wasn't very good, but I was glad that I forced myself to be an active participant of such an awesome event.

PAX Prime 2014 - Level Up!

In 2014, I spoke on a panel at PAX Prime for the first time. I joined the talented Emily Jarrett, Tally Heilke, & Kathleen De Vere on a panel called 'Level Up! Turning Your Geeky Hobbies Into Geeky Careers.' We discussed our experiences in our various fields and the ways in which we had either made or were making a transition from doing something as a hobby to doing something as a career.

There will be forthcoming footage, thanks to my friend & excellent videographer Sarah Mendiola, of Strip Search fame. You can also see photos of the panel taken by the very talented Stephen Gray, right here.

Full Contact Pickup Sticks

Back in 2000/2001 when I was sixteen, I started an internet radio talk show on the RantRadio industrial music station. We talked about the news, talked general smack, I think at one point we had an ice cream taste testing session? It's all a blur of hormones.

I do know that it was bad, it was really awful. But I was sixteen & I didn't know any better; I created it with my friends, so it was something I cared a lot about.

Not enough to link to any of the shows on here though, obviously. I'm egotistical, not an idiot.

King Hyperbole

I bought this domain name on a whim, like most of my web domain purchases, after giving myself the moniker "King Hyperbole" in my Top Ten Albums of 2013 list on Tumblr. @nicholasmc1 via Twitter gave me this idea for what to do with it, at least until I can come up with something better. Which will probably be never, honestly.


In the spring of 2014, I teamed up with my good friend Matt (of LoadingReadyRun fame) to play around with the idea of streaming ourselves goofing off and playing videogames. We've only been at it a few weeks & primarily streaming console games, but the response has been really positive! So, currently we stream a weekly three hour show, every Weds at 9pm PST. Check it out!

The Cheaper Show

In 2010 & 2011 I volunteered for a local art show in Vancouver with the mandate of making art affordable for everyone. I did work as a barback, construction person, door security, sales associate, & was their head of IT.

Not that there was much IT, but who cares? I was the head of it!

I did create a simple web app for them, working together with Maker of Things Sara Chicazul. The app allowed the Cheaper Show organizers to easily display to their attendees which of the 500 pieces of art had been sold & which were still available.

Misc Silly Tumblrs

I often suffer from the unfortunate effects of being easily amused, often by my own terrible jokes. As a result I end up creating websites that have as their entire premise a dumb joke, a piece of obscure pop culture, or something me & my friends laughed about once at a sushi restaurant.

None of them are active anymore, but if you're super bored you can check out Based Zod, DevOps Cat, Fuck Yeah Fuck Yeah Blogs, The Venti/Venti Experience, or The Official Rick Ross Tumblr.

Lords of Dogwood

Since September 2013, I've been a part-time staff photographer for a local arts & music review site called Lords of Dogwood. For them, I've covered acts as diverse as Two Door Cinema Club, Chance the Rapper, and The Naked & Famous; It's been pretty rad so far.

NYPL's Centennial Anniversary

For the 100th anniversary of the New York Public Library I travelled to New York & attended a team based alternative reality game run by author & game designer Jane McGonigal. Hundreds of people stayed overnight in the NYPL hunting down 100 different works in the library's collections.

At the completion of the game, we all contributed short essays on our experience & what it could mean for our future into a single book co-authored by each of the 500 participants.

The catalog entry for the book we wrote can be found here, but you have to visit the Rare Books Collection in the New York Public Library if you want to read it. Sorry I wrote a book that's just as important as the Gutenberg Bible.

Feed Dump

I'm an occasional guest on the weird-news-of-the-week show Feed Dump, created by LoadingReadyRun & shown on The Escapist. So far I've been in two three episodes, so you have your choice of watching me attempt to mock the news either fully dressed, half-naked, or out in the harsh sun.


I barely even know what I have to get done this week let alone what my Next Big Thing is. However nothing can stop me from taking photos, organizing events, or dropping names, so whatever does happen next I'll try to remember to add it to the list.

Gaming Community

Whether it's making my own terrible games, helping making better games for other people, or making sure great indie games get noticed, I'm there taking photos or helping in the sidelines however I can. I'm good like that.

Video games have been a big part of my life, easily one of my foremost passions aside from photography & making stupid websites. My grades in college fluctuated based on the latest big game releases, & my years-long addiction to World of Warcraft ended only after I stripped my characters of their gear & gold, deleted my account, and smashed the CDs. These days I've been giving back to the medium I love, most notably by volunteering at the Penny Arcade Expos in Seattle & Boston, as well as teaming up with the LoadingReadyRun crew in Victoria, BC.

Desert Bus For Hope

For the last two years I've been the official photographer for Desert Bus For Hope, an annual video game marathon where members of LoadingReadyRun & their friends spend a week playing the most boring game ever, raising money for the Child's Play Charity.

This year, I shot eleven thousand images over the course of a week, choosing & processing a thousand or so to document the event. Photos were uploaded every few hours, offering an active companion to the livestream.

The photos can be seen here.

WTF Game Jam

In the spring of 2013 my good friend Michael Elliott & myself founded a small private game jam specifically geared towards people who are creative or passionate about video games, but had zero experience making games.

We had twelve participants who built nine games in eight different engines over the course of three days, all of which were released for free on the game jam website.

It was so much fun, we're doing it again this year! And next year! Probably!


Indie games are very close to my heart, so for the last two Penny Arcade Expo's I've volunteered for these guys.

I mostly serve as a general purpose staffer supporting the developers however they need with setup, teardown, booth management, food runs, line management, & as a guide for booth attendees.

It's been extremely rewarding, & I intend to continue doing it until they're sick of me.

Avery's PAX Parties

In 2011 & 2012 I helped co-produce a pair of games industry parties with my friend Avery, which helped kick off PAX Prime in Seattle, WA.

Each year we had over 500 industry attendees, multiple open bars, a gallery show, discounted Uber rides for guests, raffle prizes, a party live stream by Kona's Korner, indoor soccer, taco trucks, & more.

We also had live performances by A_Rival, Crashfaster, EDG3, & Mega Ran.

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